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Our Services

Wellness Consulting – tailor-made advisory for your Spa business.

Analysis, conceptualization, implementation, redesign, trainings, post- project support.


Market research
Competitive set
KPI Analysis
Target market
USP analysis
Financial analysis
Internal quality assessment


Menu design
Experience design
Treatment protocols
Spa Etiquette
Spa SOPs
Spa design & re-design


Staff trainings
Recruitment advisory
Personalized monitoring
Cosmetic solutions
In-room amenities
Spa flow optimization
External management

Who we are


Wellness co-creator

Born in Barcelona and a proud almost-Slovak. Learning and working in the health and wellness fields, my vocation has taken me around the world to come to one conclusion – the society we live in is calling out for a healthier way of living. I believe that we can develop Slovakia into a referent wellness destination for everyone looking for quality and balanced lifestyle.


Wellness co-creator

Hospitality, wellness, and travel industry have been my passion since I was 16. After gaining experience in these fields at home and abroad, I have decided to return back to Slovakia with a clear goal – help improve the quality of local services. I believe that together we can uncover the potential of Slovakia as a hospitable country and an attractive wellness destination for everyone.

Our mission

is to Create well-suited wellness products and experiences using local nature, knowledge and traditions.

Our vision

is to turn Slovakia into a referent wellness destination in the CEE region, through education and service quality improvements.

The idea of sloVVellness

The idea of sloVVellness has first emerged during our life in Barcelona. With each visit of Slovakia we kept realizing more and more the infinite natural heritage and quality of life in this country. We were bothered by the fact, that with all the possibilities that Slovakia offers, most of the wellness offer was based on foreign treatments, and products. Therefore, we decided to change that, build a wellness world based on local values, traditions, and heritage and help put Slovakia on the map as an important wellness destination in Europe.

Our blog

Why do we look for balance? Fast-paced lives, uncertainty, chaotic world and competitive society are few of the reasons why we try to find harmony. What we need to realize is that we won’t just find Balance, we need to create it...

This is the perfect time to chose Slovakia as your next holiday destination because you are looking for an interesting, fun and safe place to really relax. Because a true wellness destination is not just a destination, but a journey that starts when you go back home...

...because your guests are starting to decide where to travel next taking into consideration hygiene, safety and sustainable actions of your Hotel & Spa. Because Sustainability can be luxurious, and refillable systems are hygienic and safe. Because it is time to be part of the solution and not part of the problem...


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